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Our goal is to deliver the finest quality duck hunting available to ensure your experience is memorable.  It is our commitment to provide the best wing shooting that we can. We take great strides not to over hunt our land, and manage our land extensively for waterfowl.  We choose not to follow suit with others who book at max capacity for the entire season.  While partaking in our Arkansas duck hunting, you will enjoy having the land exclusively to yourself, and you will find that all of our blinds have been rested from gun pressure prior to your arrival.  If you’re tired of high turnover clubs or just being viewed as a number, come see what Bill Byers’ Hunter Club has to offer.  We look forward to hosting you at the lodge very soon!

Founded by Bill Byers, the Hunter Club has been hosting Arkansas duck hunters since 1953.   Bill was new to the Hunter community and wanted a place to call his own.  He started by purchasing 1,200 acres of green timber.  Having moved to Hunter from the Stuttgart area he knew what could be done.  The work began with building a diverse levee system to flood the timber.  Soon, Bill was inundated with mallards.  Sharing his paradise with friends brought Bill his greatest joy.  He played host to celebrities like Henry Reynolds and Tim McCarver.  Since then Hunter Club has seen some changes.  Bill purchased an additional 1,800 acres and cleared all of the land. Today Bill’s grandson, Cason Short, operates Hunter Club.

Duck hunting is done via pit blind and 2,000 acres of flooded fields.  We also offer goose hunts from layout blinds on the remaining 1,000 acres of corn, rice, and soybean fields.  Part of the management plan includes a 10:00 am shutoff on morning duck hunts.  This allows the ducks a chance to return to our fields during the day and rest from others’ gun pressure.  We also have a 230 acre rest pond that is never hunted.  Guests of Hunter Club will have access to our lake stocked with largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, crappie, and catfish.

Guided Hunting Trips


Welcome to Hunter Club offering world class duck hunting, with our professional hunting guides. There’s nothing quite like the experience you’ll find at Bill Byers’ Hunter Club.  We are located in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway near Hunter Arkansas. Our 3,000 acre farm holds large flocks of migrating ducks and geese, providing our guests with the best waterfowl hunting in Arkansas.